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Intercambiador Padre Anchieta (Interchange Station Padre Anchieta) in Santa Cruz, Tenerife designed by Spanish Architect Eustáquio Martínez, features a great combination of contrasting textures and subtle colors that highlight the bright green buses. The overhang of the top-heavy structure lends it some drama, making it look as if it were floating in the air. The fact that they are no columns supporting the overhang adds to the grandeur.

We love the vibrancy the bright red cavities add to the building. In the words of Antoni Gaudí, the father of modern Spanish Architecture, “Color in certain places has the great value of making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic”, a thought that Arch. Eustáquio Martínez seems to have incorporated beautifully in his design.

+ Eustáquio Martínez

All photos Via CollaCubed