Envision Solar isn’t new to innovative solar design. They created the Solar Tree, an umbrella-like solar array that can be used in a parking lot to charge multiple vehicles. Now they have broken new ground with the EV ARC, a completely portable solar charging station that fits in the average parking space.

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Most solar charging stations are great, but they can also be an ordeal since they require new trenches, foundations, electricity and sometimes even building permits. But the EV ARC requires none of that and it can be moved as needed and deployed in five minutes.

Cars can drive up on the pad, which is weighted to withstand some seriously heavy winds, and get a quick battery charge while users are running errands, picking up groceries, etc. Cars get a full charge in a day. The EV ARC has a 22kWhr battery storage, so it even works on a cloudy day, and it generates about 16 kWhr each day.

If you dream of picking up a charging station of your own, plan on spending a cool $40,000. But with it you get a station that can be moved anywhere and can keep your electric vehicle powered entirely by off-grid solar.

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