Early last year we reported on the unveiling of Evatran’s Plugless Power – the world’s first wireless EV charger. Now – just in time for the new year – we’re happy to say that Evatran has launched its online reservation system, and to top things off they’re offering a $150 rebate card for up to 6 months of free electricity.

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Evatran’s Plugless Power system comes with a tower, a parking block, and a small adapter that attaches to practically any EV. When the car is parked on the block, charging commences through the alignment of magnetic coils in the block to those in the adapter. What results is a powerful magnetic field that is able to kickstart an electrical current that then flows into the adapter and charges the car battery. Users are able to avoid the repetitive plug in and unplug process traditionally required by electric vehicle ownership — now all they have to do is simply pull into their garage.

Evatran is hoping for widespread adoption and has stated that no financial commitment is required for the reservation of a system. The rebate incentive will continue until the Preferred Customer Group reaches 500 Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt owners, and the first 500 names on the reservation list will receive a rebate card for $150 – the average electricity cost per mile across the United States ($.03/mile) for an average six-month mileage rate of 5,000 miles.

In a world where minimal effort and efficiency reigns supreme, the Plugless Power will surely prove to be beyond convenient.

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