Fluorescent tubes are a mainstay of commercial interior design. They use less energy that your standard incandescent lightbulb, and are relatively simple and cheap to install. But despite their efficiency, they are also incredibly toxic, full of heavy metals such as mercury and lead. So it’s great to see a product such as the EverLED TR that brings all the advantages of traditional fluorescent lighting and integrates non-toxic, very sustainable LED technology.

The EverLED TR can be fitted on standard fluorescent tube fittings without any additions or changes to the ballasts. The manufacturer claims that the product has a 10 year lifespan, compared to a 5-7 year lifespan of a standard fluorescent lightbulb, and will bring an energy reduction of about 20% from standard installations. The main model comes in a standard length of 4 feet, and in the five standard colour temperatures. It is unfortunately a bit pricey, at 150 dollars per tube, quite a bit more than the standard fluorescent tube.


Via Ecogeek