helps teachers crowdsource funding for education needs, with over 35,000 open campaigns asking for everything from robotics kits to field trips. At least, there were 35,000 campaigns open last week. But as of earlier this week, there were zero campaigns thanks to an incredible $29 million donation from cryptocurrency startup Ripple that fulfilled every single one. According to, this donation will provide funding for 70k books, 35k computers, 2,300 musical instruments and much more.

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Ripple contributed $29 million in cryptocurrency to 35,647 open campaigns, funding wishlists from over 28,000 teachers at 16,500 schools. In a joint statement with Ripple’s VP of Marketing Monica Long, DonorsChoose founder Charles Best said “The teachers behind these projects work with more than a million students who are now going to get materials and experiences that they need to learn. I do not believe there has ever been a day when this many classroom dreams came true.”

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While it might seem like Ripple and DonorsChoose are very different organizations, both focus on changing the way we fund the world. When Ripple approached Best to see what DonorsChoose needed most, Best made a one-in-a-million request to fund every project on the site. To his surprise, Ripple agreed.

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If you want to see what all the money is doing for teachers and students, check out the hashtag #bestschoolday on Twitter, where people are sharing what this announcement means for them. If this act of generosity inspires you as much as it does us, you can help out by going to and funding one of the 6,000 projects that have popped up since Ripple donated.


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