One of the best finds I made at BKLYN Designs this weekend was discovering new design collective EverySpace Designs. The three designers have a portfolio of beautiful pieces which take simple, basic components and combine them in innovative ways to create fresh, unique designs – inevitably evoking a “why didn’t I think of that?”

This beautiful Arrange shelf is a perfect example: take a shelf, add test tubes, insert flowers! Straightforward as it is, I have never seen anything quite like this before. The contrast between the basic wooden shelf, the fragile glass test-tubes, and the sprig of flowers makes it a stunning piece. If only all furniture came with test-tube vases attached!

Designer Jill Ayers says that she started the Arrange line with the goal to integrate nature and furniture. Originally intended for a front hallway, the shelf functions as a catch-all for your comings and goings, and doubles as a modern receptacle for flowers, small plants or knick-knacks. The tubes can be easily removed and filled with water as needed, and the test tubes could hold small pieces of bamboo or pencils as well as they hold flowers. All components are sustainable, simple to put together and easy to dismantle.

EverySpace is a Brooklyn-based design collective which was started in 2004 by Jill Ayers, Christy Coleman and Yuichiro Nishizawa. Their body of work, which includes swiveling tables, chairs and eco-resin shelves, is gorgeous and very impressive for such a young group of designers.