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Evo combs thrift stores and trash bins in the Miami area for old toys, pulp fiction, religious memorabilia, comic books, newspapers, heirlooms, and vintage junk. Using these pieces that are rife with historical context and connotation, she assembles large scale sculptures, giving new meaning to each individual piece under the context of the new groupings. Sometimes adding glitter, jewels, or fragments of costume jewelry, many of her works evoke a display case of your crazy aunt’s favorite finds.

The bits and pieces also take on new meaning through Evo’s organization. Using curios and display cases, the pieces are each given their own small spaces. Each tiny square shelf is treated as its own tableau, sometimes paying respect to the perspective of the actual objet (like a miniature car or figurine) and sometimes not. The artist unifies the pieces by gluing more ephemera around each cubby’s border, giving the piece the look of a continuous collage. Only upon closer inspection can the viewer see the mini tableaus within the large.

Perhaps the creepiest element in Evo’s work is her usage of old disused dolls. Cutting them in half, she mounts each side to the upper and lower parts of one of her collage boxes. The conglomerations play with the doll’s perspective, as some of the scenes inside the doll emulate visions of doll houses themselves.

By using vintage trinkets and toys of different sizes, Evo Love creates these detailed tableaus that make us think of childhood, but with some uneasiness. The artist’s creations have the ability to transform junk into cohesive collages, while evoking feelings of remembrance and nostalgia.

+ Evo Love

Images ©Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat