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Above the Evolution Bar, Barlica has designed a new Mediterranean restaurant, pictures of which are on their way, while below, the designer thought it prudent to maintain the ambience of the brickwork and byzantine-like paintings. Albeit a bit run down, the building’s basement definitely has an old world charm that merely needed a little sprucing; the light green HI-MAC bar top addition did the trick.

A durable material that is easily molded into fluid forms, HI-MAC is also easily repaired and hygienic, so it won’t be necessary to create further interventions for a while. This adds to the sustainability of an already gentle renovation project, which sees the original brick arches and stone floor left virtually untouched. Tasked to transform a relatively small space into a comfortable social area, Barlica has used every inch very efficiently with space for bottles carved right into the countertop and other support suspended above the bar like a honeycomb.

+ Sebastian Barlica

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images by Serban Boncicat and Ciprian Stoian