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What is perhaps most surprising about the DOK-ING XD is that it doesn’t come from a car company. DOK-ING is a 20 year-old Croatian company that designs and manufactures robotic mining and firefighting equipment. Despite their heavy machinery background — or perhaps because of — they’ve decided to enter the EV world and have announced that they’ll soon be taking personal orders for the XD which they’ll either manufacture one at a time or in small production batches in Europe.

The all-electric vehicle goes from 0 to 60 in 7.7 seconds and boasts four 45 kW electric motors — one at each wheel — that can be run all together or two at a time. The four part powertrain was designed by in-house engineers at DOK-ING and the 32 kWh batteries that power the system can be charged in three to eight hours. The final vehicle will feature 360 degree airbags and a choice for the driver to pick between sport, comfort or economy drive modes in order to save energy.


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