Somewhere between a dusty Americana and West African groove lies the soulful grit and instrumentally diverse folk-rock sound evoked from The Barr Brothers. The Montreal-based quartet features mesmerizing slide guitar, evocative vocals, and intense drumming, interwoven with soft, subtle harp drifts. Their rich, avant-garde sound is at its finest amongst the trees or atop a mountain — they’ve been known to play upon the rim of the Grand Canyon, welcoming tourists to film them. This year, they are sharing their unique sound at the 2015 Pickathon Music Festival, happening this weekend in Happy Valley, Oregon. Pickathon is the world’s most sustainable large-scale outdoor concert, and we can’t get enough of the sound.

We’ll be releasing a series of exclusive live music videos with Pickathon throughout the fall, so be sure to stay tuned for more new tracks coming from the wilderness of Happy Valley.

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