This fall we’ve partnered up with Pickathon, the world’s most sustainable large-scale outdoor concert, to bring you exclusive videos. This summer’s headliners included Vetiver, a San Fransisco band with a unique sound. It’s not easy to describe Vetiver’s music. There’s a definite folklike quality to it but there’s something a little freakier in the mix too. For the most part they feel like a really good jam session – good times and good vibes – and it’s precisely this that makes it so the band’s San Francisco’s roots come as no surprise.

“I’m still figuring the album out. It feels like someone I’ve just met, yet known for a long time,” says songwriter and frontman Andy Cabic about their 2015 album Complete Strangers. He pretty much sums up what we love about it! Stay tuned to check out more exclusive live music videos from Pickathon throughout the fall.

+ Pickathon Music Festival

Photography © Kristina Moravec and KEXP