In light of our recent post about video game exercise bikes, I’ve discovered there are actually many variations on this theme being worked on in engineering labs around the world. Just today I spotted this Treadmill Workstation on We Make Money Not Art.

It seems that Dr. James Levine at the Mayo Clinic was tired of sitting in his chair all day while plugging away at his computer. (I feel you). So he hooked up his computer desk to a treadmill and now walks at a 1 mph pace all day while he works at his computer. He estimates he’ll lose at least 50 pounds of weight a year if he doesn’t alter his diet.

The idea was spawned by a recent study which showed that thin people are on their feet an average of 152 more minutes a day than couch potatoes. The NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) team at the Mayo Clinic is working on ways to encourage people to burn more calories just while doing their day-to-day work. They plan to release the treadmill-workstations commercially in the future.

When the technology is developed to get the treadmill to power the computer, I will be ready to buy.

Via We Make Money Not Art