Recycling cans couldn’t get much quirkier or more lovable than these PACMAN containers that gobble-up garbage like their computerized namesake. Designed by Portuguese studio AND-RÉ,the cans are simple round items of urban furniture that help residents of Vilamoura separate out their trash. Each one is identified with a mouth in a starkly different color – blue, yellow, black or green – which makes recycling even easier than before.

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The design is comprised of a stainless steel frame on which the large balls stand, while a central knob to open the can is placed in the middle of the mouth for better accessibility. And in case the colors aren’t clear enough, each recycling can comes with a nifty label to tell you what trash goes where. The winner of this year’s Iberian Urban Equipment Prize – Larus/Architectures, the PACMAN designs help to make recycling more appealing than ever.


Via Sinbaddesign

Images courtesy of AND-RÉ