Everyone’s getting on the iPad train these days, but as they multiply we’re also seeing disaster written all over their shiny glass screens. So if you’ve been looking for an eco-friendly alternative when it comes to covering up your new favorite gadget, get on board with one of SUBSTRATA’s beautiful and sustainably harvested wooden iPad boxes. But don’t think that this is simply some makeshift case – these designers thought well beyond the idea of just sticking your new best friend inside a log. SUBSTRATA has designed a great line of cases that boast multi-functionality, able to prop themselves up on a series of levers so that you can position your iPad hands free at endless angles.

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SUBSTRATA is as dedicated to be sustainability in their operations as they are to functional and attractive design. All of their wood comes from sustainably harvested forests, they use recycled packaging materials when shipping, their cases are finished with low VOC water-based lacquers and paints, and $3 of every purchase goes to supporting humanitarian and reforestation efforts in the areas of the world where they source their materials.

SUBSTRATA’s cases come in a variety of woods and are finished with an attention to detail that is reminiscent of the most elegant heirloom furniture. And though the cases ring in at a hefty tag of $235.00, you’re sure to look sophisticated propping your New York Times app on this beauty.

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