Every tactic that BP has tried so far to stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has failed. Now, experts are saying forget all those cleverly named solutions, and let’s just nuke the thing. The idea has been floating around for awhile and apparently was successfully used by the Soviet Union decades ago to stop a gushing oil well. But the US is saying “no way.” Never mind the destruction that a nuclear blast could cause to the already ravaged Gulf of Mexico and the radiation it would spew into the atmosphere, it turns out this tactic is also against international law.

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Experts and talking heads have been all over the news lately spewing ideas about how to stop this catastrophe and now even the news is joining in. John Roberts, a CNN reporter suggested last week that BP, “drill a hole, drop a nuke in and seal up the well.” The idea could technically work, melting the rock around the well and sealing it, but the Obama administration says no. Stephanie Mueller, a spokeswoman for the Energy Department said that no one in the administration was considering this idea, and one senior official told the New York Times, “it’s crazy.” Turns out it’s actually against the arms treaties that the United States has signed and would look terrible against President Obama’s recent efforts to stop nuclear proliferation.

Meanwhile the official Deepwater Horizon response page is so desperate that it’s taking suggestions. They’ve got a little button where you can write in and give them your best answer to solving this enormous problem. They’ve already recieved 20,000 suggestions and they note they’ll read every one. If your suggestion is considered feasible you’ll be contacted by BP — just do us a favor and name it something intelligent because we can’t take anymore “junk shots”. Until a fix is found, let’s just hope that this whole disaster leads to the creation of better engineered solutions in the future. Resorting to nuclear bombs is never a good sign.

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Via The New York Times