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Each of Laurel’s birds are carefully crafted from beak to tail feather. The iridescent bodies are comprised of hundreds of unwanted fake nails and polishes donated from the likes of OPI with overstock or expired products. Recycled and donated hair accessories from Scunci are glued together in numerous layers to to create the dynamic bird wings. Laurel also rummages through attics, thrift stores, and estate auctions for pieces of costume jewelry to decorate the embellished bird tails. Even the pedestals the birds sit upon are made from salvaged wood off-cuts.

Laurel first got her start in sculpture interestingly enough while working as a park ranger and for a conservation corps several years ago. She picked up an ocean-worn billiard ball while cleaning a beach one day, carved it into a tiny bird, and has continued her craft ever since.

Now a full time artist, Laurel’s work has been exhibited in India, London, New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and San Francisco.

+ Laurel Roth

Images courtesy of Laurel Roth and Lance Shows Photography