Line-X sells a range of tough, durable coatings meant to help line the beds of trucks to protect the vehicle from rain and other elements. However, as the team from YouTube channel How Ridiculous recently found out, it can also be used to render everyday objects virtually indestructible – including melons, eggs, and even lightbulbs.

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In a recent video, the team sprayed a whole watermelon with Line-X and threw it off a 150-foot tower. Rather than smashing into pulp at the bottom, the melon harmlessly bounced off the ground and flew back into the air. (The inside of the watermelon, however, was reduced to mush.) Naturally, this got the amateur scientists thinking about how the spray would affect more fragile objects.

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In their latest video, they put Line-X to the test on both a lightbulb and an egg – and miraculously, after being thrown from an incredible height, neither object shattered on impact. (Of course, that doesn’t mean the contents came out unharmed.) However, the video did uncover one thing Line-X can’t do – apparently the tough coating won’t protect a bowling ball from being dropped on the head of an axe.

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