This 43 second video is all you need to understand the adaptive spirit of city dwellers. While we talk about how the future of humanity will be in our cities, sometimes it is hard to visualize exactly how that will work. This Bangkok community has clearly found a way to develop a thriving vegetable marketplace using the only land available to them – an active railroad track! – demonstrating how even in poor areas cities can be a green center of livelihood.

Projections are that 70% of all humans will live in a city by 2050, up from 50% today. Stewart Brand used a similar video to describe the vitality of urban density during a TED Talk. He went as far as to demonstrate how many slums are actually wealth producing areas that improve the quality of life for its residences. Brand states that this is what is making cities green in the developing world.

While what the video depicts is certainly not the safest set up for a vegetable market, for those who had no other option a place to buy and sell and develop an entrepreneurial urbanity seems to be their best bet.

Via Gizmodo