What’s one way to ensure the sun always shines on your photovoltaic array? Act like a planet, or at least look like one. This extreme home’s round design allows the solar equipment to rotate with the sun, alleviating the need to combat solar gain. Named the Gemini Haus and designed by Roland Mösl, the residence combines innovative solar technology and an eye-catching aesthetic.

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The innovative residential solar application was devised by Roland Mösl who detailed the concept in the 1992 book Aufstieg zum Solarzeitalter (Advance to the solar age). The idea received attention in 1993 when Mösl won a prize at the prestigious World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies at Brussels Expo.

The concept of Mösl’s turning solar home took form in the cylindrical Gemini Haus prototype in 2001 as part of the Styria County Energy Exhibition in Weiz, Austria. Equipped with 150 square meters of turning photovoltaic panels that follow the sun, extreme thermal insulation, efficient design and a heat recovery system, the Gemini Haus is a one-of-a-kind solar experience that creates an energy surplus.

The unique, streamlined design and energy efficient systems are complemented by integrated furniture that creates a clean, modern interior. During the energy exhibition, the living space served as lecture hall and backdrop for guided tours that showcased the home’s innovative energy strategy.

In the Gemini Haus, minimalist design meets luxury living. Included in the concept are elements like a whirlpool bath and central vacuum that makes living around the sun even more of an adventure.

Roland Mösl is the founder of Planetary Engineering Group Earth (PEGE), in Salzburg, Austria, where he dedicates his time to inventing, discovering and advocating innovative ideas that help society “advance to the solar age.”