When you get right down to it, all any space needs to provide is a little shelter, light and comfort. The Air Square by KOGAA and Kubíček Visionair creates a safe environment anywhere it gets set up. This is a portable space with a simple but innovative design that can be placed in any urban area.

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An inflatable ring glowing in the midst of a pavilion

Many urban areas suffer from a lack of spaces. The Air Square creates a space that is cool, shaded and bright. The unique design is made with an upper ring that provides shade. This upper ring cools the interior space and shields it from city heat. At night, it lights up to create a vibrant interior space.

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A wooden structure set on a cement outdoor area

Meanwhile, the lower portion of the design is a simple open frame. This allows heat to escape and provides plenty of ventilation. It also doesn’t keep anyone out or in. It is a separate space, but it’s also an open and all-inclusive one. Anyone can come here and see what’s going on inside, take part and join in or just observe.

A white inflatable sits on top of a wooden structure

The frame is bolted together to create a load-bearing, circular structure. On the other hand, the benches can be positioned in a number of ways to accommodate a variety of event spaces. Farmers’ markets, performances and all sorts of activities can be conducted inside this space.

The inside of the white cloud circular structure

Best of all, the materials used to make this space are reusable. CNC plywood planks were made with cutouts to eliminate waste. It’s a head-turning design and it’s an easy, affordable way to create an event space. It’s a little oasis from the world and a perfect spot for all kinds of different events and activities. The Air Square is a great way to provide community involvement and create a quick and easy community space anywhere.

+ KOGAA and Kubíček Visionair

Photography by Josema Cutillas, Javier Antón, Marcia Davis, KUBÍČEK.STUDIO and Mangoshake