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The bookworm owners of the Long Brick House were looking to create the perfect city escapewhere they could practice their literary love in a tranquil environment. Located on a slope in between the lush Pilis hillside and surrounded by local flora and fauna, the home was built around the original plants and trees found on the property. Thanks to the conservation of the natural landscape, the beautiful home now serves as the perfect setting to read while enjoying the surrounding views.

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When they’re not curled up with a good book on the open-air terrace, the owners can enjoy a long read inside, which offers personalized contemporary comfort. The giant “bookwall” is 17 meters long, with a beautiful window set in the middle, allowing for optimal natural light as one peruses the library’s broad selection. The combination of the 50 cm thick brick wall and concrete ceiling slab work to provide insulated temperature control on the inside.

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