This technicolored school, aptly named the Rainbow School, has done more than brighten up the LA neighborhood it calls home – it’s actually making lives there better. DLR Group hosted several outreach meetings with members of a downtrodden community in order to gather their input on how to transform the South Region Elementary School Number 2 (SRES 2) into an invigorating space for a colorful student body. The outcome of these discussions is an extraordinary, brightly-hued school that is not only energy and resource efficient, but inspires oodles of creativity in the children it serves.

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Constrained by a tight budget, the Los Angeles Unified School District needed imaginative solutions for this revitalization project that wouldn’t skimp on the ultimate goal: to give the children at SRES 2 a wonderful, energy-filled start on life. To achieve their goal, DLR Group applied blue, red, green and orange plaster to the building’s exterior – which was the most cost-effective approach – and still managed to meet the stringent requirements of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) Certification in the process.

CHPS calls for energy and resource efficiency, comfort, and well-lit schools equipped with the most current amenities to ensure the highest quality educations possible. We love the idea that a simple intervention can easily translate into a brighter future for the kids who get to cross this happy new threshold every day!

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