Formula 1 is changing quickly. Only a few months ago, F1’s governing body the FIA moved the sport in the direction of hybrid four-cylinder engines. A number of manufacturers are expressing interest in an all-electric F1 league. And now, the world’s fastest electric race car, the Electric Formula Car, is also purpose-built for Formula 1 racing.

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French companies FCI and Formulec teamed up to create the Electric Formula Car, which blasts to 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds and has a top speed (likely limited) of 155 miles per hour. FCI used its expertise in connectors to create an ultra-compact connector, the RCS800, which allows the car’s incredible performance by transmitting power from the battery to the electric motor. It looks as though a new, green age of Formula 1 racing is upon us, which is great news for tech advances that will trickle down to production cars.

Via Car Advice