The FAA has officially approved and certified Santa Claus’s new next generation, über efficient sleigh for his Christmas Eve flight. Technology advances have allowed Santa’s sleigh to be outfitted with new satellite-based NextGen technology which will provide more efficient routing and decreased traveling time, thereby reducing fuel use. Santa One will use far fewer carbon emissions than Santa’s previous sleighs and what’s more, the FAA is guaranteeing that presents will be delivered up to 53% faster than last year!.

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The new satellite-based technology allows air traffic controllers to see a more precise location of the Santa One. This knowledge of Santa’s exact location will allow the controllers to direct Santa to all those houses much faster, cutting out inefficiencies in the flight plan. This means Santa gets to spend more time eating cookies and drinking milk and the reindeer need less hay to fuel their flight, thus reducing carbon emissions.

“Rudolph’s red nose has been outfitted with avionics that will broadcast Santa One’s position via satellites to air traffic controllers around the world with improved accuracy, integrity and reliability.” Santa will also have a new cockpit display to show his precise location in relation to other aircraft, bad weather and terrain, making his Christmas Eve flight safer all around.

The FAA gives Santa Claus and his crew special permission every year to fly thousands of short and long haul flights. The new NextGen technology will also allow Santa to maintain cruising altitude for as long as possible before making a continuous descent into cities and towns around the world. And as we all know, long-haul flights are much more efficient than short haul flights. NORAD will be tracking Santa and his crew as usual.