The Drip LED Lamp designed by Italian designer Fabio Servolo is cleverly shaped as a tap and a faucet. Rather than being switched on, it is turned on exactly like a tap – by rotating the handle. The design draws a connection between the precious resources of water and energy, encouraging users to conserve energy rather than letting it ‘go down the drain.’

Servolo’s lamp seeks to sensitize us to the issue of wasted electricity by visually depicting how electricity flows like water and needs to be conserved. This intriguingly beautiful lamp not only delivers a ‘green’ message, but also embodies it. It is mostly made from salvaged industrial materials, and each part is recyclable. The light is powered by an energy-efficient LED diode. The knob enables the user to adjust the amount of light, leading to increased power conservation.

+ Fabio Servolo

Images courtesy of Fabio Servolo