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Trylletromler, FABRIC, temporary pavilion, copenhagen, zoetrope, wood pavilion, art installation, prefab

Trylletromler is a temporary installation in the castle gardens made up of 10 circular spaces. The walls are made of slats of Nordic wood that were prefabricated in one-meter sections then assembled on site. The project’s orientation provides views of the surrounding gardens, the castle, existing tree lines, and the nearby water. The pavilion first opened in September 2013 and it’s open to the public for lounging, relaxing, and socializing. The wood is left untreated and it will be reused for other projects after the pavilion is disassembled.

When designing the installation, FABRIC researched the history of the castle gardens and came up with a project that compliments and contrasts with the site’s Euclidean geometry. Trylletromler addresses three independent paradoxes to give participants new sights, new views and new ways of looking at things. First, the pavilion is conceived as a fence, which is meant to act as a boundary and restrict movement. Next, openings provide access in and out of the pavilion and direct traffic through new routes. Finally, the walls are meant to create the illusion of movement, much like a zoetrope.

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Images ©Walter Herfst