Over at TreeHugger we are saps for furniture that can slide under your door; flatpack isn’t just made by IKEA. Designers like Eric Ku are doing it with humor, inventing a flatpack alphabet – his Flatpack Chair is pretty self-explanatory. In Japan, Keiji Ashizawa channels Marcel Breuer with a steel flatpack cantilever chair that slides under the door. Read on for more examples of cutting-edge flatpack furniture.

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Andrew Pelikan envisions a world where you don’t even go to a store, but simply download designs and take them to the neighbourhood 3D Kinkos: “The future could be fully digital furniture where the customer only buys the file needed for manufacture, steps to the closest milling facility and lets his piece be produced locally on the spot.” He designs reitveld inspired flatpacks with an ingenious clicking mechanism to hold them together.

In fact, this type of prefabrication is already being done, through 100K Garages – a joint venture between Ponoko and Shopbot. This changes everything in downloadable design.

Another of our favorites is D. E Sellers, with his flatpack emergency stool, and his bookshelves and chair showcased at ICFF.

Studio Lo has a thing for the suave simplicity of flat-pack designs. More at Flat Pack Fun from France.

Then there is the master himself, Joost van Bleiswijk, who creates the most extraordinary objects out of flat sheets of metal – like this. “A combination of fireplace, altar and cabinet. This piece is as a conclusion of cabinet designs over centuries.” At first we thought it was Flatpack gone mad. He has also worked on entire offices made from flatpack cardboard, and introduced a new no screw, no glue barbeque.

There’s many more examples of Flat Pack furniture over at Treehugger, “dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.”

+ Flat Pack Furniture at Treehugger