Facebook spent tens of millions of dollars developing a super energy efficient data center, the specifications of which will now be available to whoever wants it. Following the success of open source software, the Facebook team shared the mechanical and technical specifications of their Prineville data center in Oregon. In addition to improving energy efficiency by 36%, the new data center is 24% cheaper than the company’s other facilities. Called the Open Compute Project, Facebook hopes the information will “demystify” the biggest capital expense of an online business and help global data centers worldwide improve their energy efficiency.

Facebook is publishing files for the Prineville data center’s servers, power supplies, server racks, battery backup systems and building design. The technology developed over the past two years enabled the data center to achieve an initial power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio of 1.07, compared with 1.5 for its other existing facilities. PUE is an indicator of data center energy efficiency: the lower the number, the better. The designs are being released as open hardware in order to encourage industry-wide collaboration around best practices for data center and server technology. Sharing is caring!

Via Engadget