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At the forefront of the practice of digital fabrication in the building industry, FACIT uses CNC routers to manufacture “cassettes” out of sustainably harvested plywood. These are filled with spray cellulose insulation, creating a thermal envelope that follows the best design principles. The entire structure is made fromlow carbon materials and has no concrete foundation. Instead of resting on concrete, the house built using FACIT’s D-process stands on helical piles that can be removed from the ground in no time and without a trace.

Instead of using Building Information Modelling to simply optimize the design, this new generation of software would actually get rid of the manual manufacturing process and create an opportunity to manufacture building components directly fromdigital models. FACIT’s new houses that use D-Process are completely digitally manufactured using CNC machines. The company has started using this technology on high-end custom homes as well as affordable homes.


Via Treehugger