Who needs nature when you have Toys “R” Us?! That’s basically the premise of the toy store’s latest commercial depicting a busload of disgruntled kids on a field trip to the forest. The bus and tour leader are disguised as “Meet the Trees Foundation” ambassadors, and the kids jump and rejoice only when they find out that the woodland trip is a ruse and they’re actually being taken to a Toys “R” Us store to play with the merchandise. Watch the ad in its entirety above, and then tell us what you think in our poll below.

What do you think about Toys "R" Us' latest ad?

  • 174 Votes LAME! This is what's wrong with America today!
  • 7 Votes LOVE IT! Awwwww cute kids!
  • 35 Votes NO BIG DEAL! It's a jokey ad, get over it folks
  • 9 Votes I couldn't care less

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