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Designed for skylight windows on a pitched roof, the system works by installing two upward- and downward-opening windows instead of just a single skylight. The bottom window sash opens forward, creating a sturdy vertical wall for the balcony. The built-in slide rails move forward, creating a gated guard for either side of the balcony. The top window then opens upward at a 45-degree angle, creating enough head room for a person to step out onto the new balcony space. One set of windows creates a breezy outlook for one, but paired  with another set, the matching balconies are perfect for outdoor dining for two, or a place to unwind after work and breathe in fresh air of the outdoors.

Each of the balcony window panes is glazed to block solar gain and ensure insulation inside. When closed, the balcony rails recess into the sides, making it look like any ordinary skylight.  Fakro’s balcony windows can be installed to infuse a room with ample natural lighting. But users can also enjoy additional energy savings, as the automatic air inlets allow for maximum fresh air circulation, which will cut down tremendously on artificial climate control. Fakro’s innovative balcony windows not only give users a breath of fresh air, but they also open up the room and create new space.

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