How well do you know YOUR eco-fashion?

Put your sustainability savvy to the test and get the best Ecouterre news of the week in easy-to-swallow, bite-size morsels with our eco-fashion pop quiz.

quiz-portland-fashion-week-2009-anna-cohen-21 1. Playing off “farm to table,” what designer is bringing “ranch to runway”?

quiz-cork-purse 2. What suede-like, renewable fabric has more bark than bite?

quiz-zegna-ecotech-solar-jacket 3. What is Zegna’s hot new solar-powered jacket made of?

quiz-popomomo 4. What does Popomomo stand for?

quiz-olsen-haus-fall-2009-2 5. “Consciousness is the new hip” is what vegan shoe maker‘s motto?

Answers right after the jump!

1. Post post modern movement
2. Eco-fashion designer Anna Cohen
3. Cork!
4. Recycled plastic
5. OlsenHaus

Thanks for playing and see you next week!