Wood|Stone|Metal Studio’s gorgeous new wine rack is large enough to cover an entire wall. The eight-foot-tall installation is made from a large slab of wood that was cut from a naturally-felled tree. The Canadian studio specializes in transforming reclaimed wood into innovative interior accents, headed by designer Tomás Berinstein.

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Stretching eight feet tall, the wine rack is a slice out of a historic tree. Like all of Wood|Stone|Metal Studio’s material, the wood was sustainably sourced. For this piece, the company used wood from a naturally-felled tree from British Columbia to make a gorgeous piece that honors Canada’s natural heritage.

The wall-sized wine rack prominently bears the natural beauty of the fallen tree. The live-edge wine rack contains perimeter of its bark lining each jagged side, showing the years of growth of the giant tree. Between the knots and year rings, Wood|Stone|Metal Studio has drilled bottle beck-size holes into the wood, suspending each upright without fear of it crashing to the floor.

In addition to the large wine rack, Wood|Stone|Metal Studio makes smaller wall-mounted racks, as well as stools and tables from reclaimed barn wood found around Ontario.

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Images ©Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat