The Family Circle is Meridian 105‘s concept for a new sustainable housing model designed with the lifestyle of families in mind. Planned for the urban perimeter of Denver, CO, the project is designed for families who wish to enjoy the benefits of downtown living. This group finds itself without adequate or affordable housing choices, forced to either rent side-by-side with young singles or sublease from condominium owners at a premium. In either case, the current urban housing market provides neither the safety, serenity, nor the amenities considered a bare necessity to those with young children. Faced with such poor choices, families have traditionally chosen suburban living, contributing to car-dependence and urban sprawl. The dialogue surrounding urban sprawl focuses on this group’s desire to live in lower density neighborhoods, without regard for the development model being deployed in urban neighborhoods, one which avoids families altogether. The Family Circle is Meridian 105’s solution to this common problem.