Philips' green events center shaped like a flying saucer Evoluon in EindhovenPhoto © Ana Lisa Alperovich for Inhabitat

Standing within the Dutch City of Design & Technology, the Evoluon is a daring and iconic landmark. Its concrete dome is 253 feet in diameter and it was originally built to give the people of Eindhoven a beautiful and educational gift as a celebration of Philips’ 75th anniversary.

Nowadays, the Evoluon is deeply involved in hosting sustainable exhibitions, events and parties. It offers companies a free online ‘Green Checklist’ and CO2 calculator, including tips on how to reduce waste, lower energy costs and choosing green conference materials, while helping save money.

Who would have thought that Philips designed amazing and green UFO-like buildings in addition to light bulbs!

+ Evoluon

Lead photo © van_mij