While “modern” & “rural” are rarely used descriptively in the same sentence, Sasha Sykes has found a way to merge these two design ideals. The contemporary furniture and art pieces of farm21 exemplify this aesthetic simplicity. The signature piece- a plexiglas cube stuffed with straw- originated as a birthday gift, but has since been reinterpreted in several variations.

Most of the organic materials that Sasha incorporates are sourced from the family farm in Ireland, and range from guinea feathers to moss. The cubes allow for an appreciation of natural textures and variables, within a perfectly regular package.

While Sasha’s line is expanding to utilize new technologies and materials such as digital printing and sustainable Irish timber, our favorite pieces are those where plant based materials seem magically suspended in a man-made environment. The Lichen Table, the Rye Screen, the Straw Cube- all embrace unrefined materials in completely modern designs.

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