A new environmentally-friendly learning center is the modern version of an old schoolhouse concept. Plus, this schoolhouse is off-grid and an amazing place to learn.

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Wood exterior back view with grass and concrete foundation

This lovely learning center is on Adamah Farm in Falls Village, Connecticut. The building uses geothermal heating and photovoltaic panels to provide for the building’s energy needs. Moreover, there is well water on the property. The building itself is built out of recycled wood and aluminum.

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Wood paneling out exterior of school

Meanwhile, the learning center is part of a 10-acre working farm. Farming and weaving are done on the property to promote sustainable living. Work areas and fields then create a huge learning area outdoors. Nature also provides a constant learning experience.

Exterior behind the schoolhouse

Additionally, the building is a two-story structure with an open teaching kitchen that connects to the dining area. Part of the design intention is to have the building be full of light in an open space. Natural light floods the interior spaces, which are full of beautiful wood and stone accents.

Tall, slim windows behind seating area

Following, the first floor of the building is a large farming education center with big, open areas that can serve as tractor storage. A row of windows also provides views of the far landscape surrounding the building. From the outside, the building is tucked into an area of trees and surrounded by green fields.

One room with long tables and pitched timber ceiling

Furthermore, there are large, covered and screened porches to provide additional outdoor learning spaces. The learning takes place inside and outside this building. The entire farm is therefore a learning experience and an open classroom of sorts.

Wood chairs and long tables in room

The building is also carbon-neutral and energy-efficient. It is totally independent, with its own water and energy sources. In fact, it’s off-grid and made to function all on its own. That, in itself, is something to learn a lot from.

This incredible design was created by Studio ST Architects, an award-winning and woman-owned firm based in Manhattan, New York.

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Images via Studio ST Architects