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Visitors to Farmland World would arrive via high speed train and get their very own pair of overalls in which to work right when they check in. From there you could visit any number of areas like Fruit Mountain, Chicken Hut, Dairytown, Beeville, Veggie Row, Pig City, Goat Town or Wheat Island and get first hand experience to see how it all works. Spend 1, 3 or 5 days learning the ropes, getting your hands dirty and feeling good about yourself and how you’ve helped transform the landscape. Your farm experience will leave you weary but enlightened.

Along the way, experience the Animal Farmatures, which are human/machine/animal hybrids that transform the landscape. These farm implements cultivate the land and entertain high-speed rail customers as they travel across the fields. They come in all varieties including a horse, a goat, a pig, a chicken, and a cow, and actually harvest the crops and leave behind manure to fertilize the ground.

Completely tongue in cheek, Farmland World was an entry into the Animal Architecture design competition. Allison Newmeyer and Stewart Hick of Design With Company created the chain of farm-centric eco resorts as a way of commenting on the state of agriculture in America. We rely heavily on automated processes and machines for our food resulting in less contact with the earth and animals. Newmeyer and Hick propose Farmland World as a way to renew enthusiasm for farming by making it an attraction with rides and farming experiences. The duo were awarded as runners-up in the competition.