Faro Architecture has designed a set of new buildings for theDutch National Forest Service’s Kijl Schoonoord Campsite. The new complex includes a gorgeous sloping ark-like reception building and in addition to a sanitary building. Constructed from local sustainable larch wood, the pair of buildings complement each other while evoking their natural environs.

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The reception building’sunique roof juxtaposes larch logs and slats, dipping in the middle of the structure to reach a point which touches the ground, providing shelter. The building toes the line between an open-air picnic shelter and a cabin. Each end of the building is open to the elements, cross breezes, and natural lighting, while a fireplace, check-in machine and table are located more centrally. The fireplace is focused in the center to encourage meetings and comradery.

The sanitation building, set in a more secluded area not far from the reception structure, is also constructed from larch logs and slats. Faro has developed a sustainable heating and warm tap water system to conserve energy. All of the elements of each building are fully sustainable, and also fully recyclable should the park decide to remove them.

Everything from walls to the ceiling and furniture was designed by Faro and Bureau Buitenom, and made from sustainable locally harvested materials. The innovative structures will set the standard and serve as the blueprint for 40 additional campsites around the Netherlands.

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