A beautiful Tokyo bookstore is taking minimalism to a whole new level by selling just one book at a time. In stark contrast to the book-bloated Barnes and Nobles of the world, which are almost impossible to navigate, Morioka Shoten Bookstore stocks just one book on its shelf each week.

Morioka Shoten Bookstore

Before opening his own bookstores, Yoshiyuki Morioka worked as a book clerk in other shops for years. During that time, he came to believe that readers could gain more pleasure from books if given only one option to read at a time. He says that “a single book will offer deeper understanding, closer relationship with the reader and essential pleasure of book reading.”

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Morioka opened the Ginza branch of his store in May this year. The minimalist bookshop is located on the ground floor of the Suzuki Building, a designated historical landmark in Tokyo. Morioka met with local design engineering firm, Takram, to bring his vision of a refined bookstore to fruition. Together, the team has created an incredibly unique space that conveys the owner’s strong respect for literature.

Via Takram Design

Photos by Miyuki Kaneko