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The best way to describe Joann Berman Bespoke Furniture is that it looks like Berman simply replaced the people she usually dresses with pieces of furniture. A beautiful baroque style sofa gets “dressed” in dayglo fabric and a run-of-the-mill 70s lounger gets a reclaimed anaconda facelift. Berman could have simply stopped there but it wouldn’t be like her to do so. So she pushed the envelope a bit further, layering intricate and at times 3-D graphics of men in gasmasks, delicate French toile, and of course, Mick Jagger over top.

“I was very inspired by cannibals and the colors they use particularly the Tupi Guarani of Brasil, so I mixed those two metaphors,” Berman told us. The pieces are all a mix of art murals and vintage chair frames, with found and reclaimed fabrics like snakeskin given to Berman by a friend mixed in.

As with her clothing, Berman chooses to make everything in her beloved NYC, which is as much a conscious design decision as it is an ethical one. “I work in a very moment by moment fashion and I change things as I go so it’s much more a design mixes art process which is why I like to have everything at my disposal on site,” she explained.

Joann Berman Bespoke Furniture is available at Allan and Suzi in Manhattan and custom orders can also be requested through her website.

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