As the most respected and well-known institute for fashion design in the US, you’d expect the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City to have a glamorous and stunning building to inspire students and fashion designers. The existing dull grey exterior and minimalist design is anything but “fashionable” – in fact, it’s downright boring. But all that is soon to change. FIT will soon get a major facelift on the C Building – a light and airy multi-layered glass facade, which will help the school have a stronger presence in the heart of the New York City fashion world.

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SHoP Architects was recently awarded the winning design in an invited competition to design the Institute’s new street front look. The new addition will add a multi-layered metal and translucent glass facade, as well as primary circulation, review and new exhibition spaces, which will connect to the studio spaces and the skylit student quad on the 5th floor. Daylight will stream through the windows into the interior spaces providing natural lighting for work and exhibitions.

Inspired by a loom, which creates both structure and form simultaneously, the new glittering glass facade interweaves multiple functions with a sense of flair. Visible permeability for both light and views as well as new environmental technologies are key design elements for the addition. The addition is also seen as a “proto-form” and the structure and components have the ability to adapt and change to the educational program as it develops.

Via Designboom

Building Model by Seong Kwon and Renderings courtesy of ©SHoP