Located on the last empty lot on ‘furniture row alley’ in the city’s popular Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva neighborhood, the Decameron Design shop required something not just temporary and low-cost, but eye-catching. And the vividly painted, reclaimed containers fit the bill nicely. Six containers in total have been stacked two-high and transformed into a gallery to display the furniture, all while providing an excellent and intimate space for customers to approach the wares. The ends of the structure are capped in glass, which have been secured by the containers’ hinged doors. Using an array of  bright colors, the architects also managed to emphasize the modular appeal of the design.

The central hanger is set up as a casual space where large, double-translucent doors make for an inviting public entrance. The larger room allows furniture to be set in the context of a living space, and in the back a secluded courtyard complete with trees shows off more of the modernist furniture offerings.

A stunning creation, sure to excite the masses, the program’s seamless transition of space from an open and vocal design to intimate refined space with minimal materials, is a nifty design trick to be commended.

+ Studio mk27

Via Plataforma Arguitectura