When electrical shortages and power cuts occur on a regular basis, you need to be flexible with your lighting sources. Pounding Light is a versatile terra cotta chandelier produced by Fatimata Ly that was inspired by power cuts in Senegal. It is possible to use it either with electrical lighting or with candles, for those moments without power. The shape draws inspiration from the traditional West African mortar, and the “pounding” of food in it.

Pounding Light is an evolving product, and in its current phase, it is made out of terra cotta ceramics. It is currently undergoing testing and the plan is for the chandelier to be produced in a more sustainable material, recycled plastic.

The design is made by Fatimata Ly, designer at Dakar-Next, a Dakar based studio-lab that is co-founded with Bibi Seck from design studio Birsel + Seck. Pounding Light is a part of Dakar-Next’s work with material research. Their goal is to design pragmatic products, which can be implemented in Senegal and meet the African consumer’s needs in urban as well as rural areas, while still having a global appeal.

+ Dakar-Next

+ Fatimata Ly