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Revival Sunset Chapel combines local tradition and contemporary design by mixing materials like Cor-ten steel, u-glass, and stainless steel with pinewood and aluminum. The chapel, originally commissioned for the former minister of Gabon’s late wife, was first assembled in a warehouse in Italy, then disassembled and shipping to Libreville in pieces. The crate was then shipped to a clearing in the forest on the prime minister’s land, where it was reassembled.

One side of the mostly-glass chapel is capped with a crucifix cut out from Cor-ten, which glows when the sun sets, casting a cruciform shadow on the opposite side of the chapel. Rows of benches line either side of the central walkway, stretching to the louvered glass walls. When sitting inside, visitors have the feeling of being connected to the forest. At night, the translucent chapel gives a warm glow in the forest with a series of energy-efficient LED lights, creating suitable resting place for the former prime minister’s wife.

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