I am perplexed by mechanical products that are designed to imitate nature. If you want to hear the tranquil sound of birds chirping in the morning, why not just open your window? I mean, even in New York City, we have cute small birds that sing in the morning: pigeons.

If you prefer the kitsch appeal of a more clean, plastic bird ? a Breezy Singer might be just the thing you need. Japanese techno-pet company Takara (remember meowlingual?) makes these cute, life-like faux birds called the Breezy Singers. Based on hand-sculpted models by Dr. Tsutomu Suzuki of the University of Tokyo, the freestanding birds are made even more realistic with modern microchip technology, which produces true-to-life sound and twitching in response to motion and changes in light conditions. The birds? authentic songs come from recordings from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, whose mission is to conserve the earth?s biodiversity through research, education and science-based focus on birds.

The sing, they move, they look cute, and they are only $18 a pop from Design Within Reach. Collect them all!

You can listen to the songs of each of the 8 birds here &

Via Dwell Magazine

(Have I mentioned how much I love Takara? They make the weirdest, cutest things.)