“FAVILLA. To every light a voice”described as a kaleidoscope in the heart of Milan, is an installation event designed to celebrate 2015—proclaimed the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies by UNESCO. Designed by Attilio Stocchi, it explores the intrinsic meaning of light through a three-dimensional story of senses and emotions enclosed in a Geode, a suggestive black box placed in Milan’s Piazza San Fedele under the protection of the statue of the famous poet Alessandro Manzoni, whose recorded voice narrates the installation’s story.

Favilla silhouette

Light is the research and object of this exploration but is also the common thread that enables us to see dawns and sunsets everywhere we are, as they are generated by light. Visitors are encouraged to enter the pitch-dark space in a totally immersive experience, as the poetic story about light takes place in an explosion of music, voices, lasers and stunning images projected on the walls all around. The way the story is told and interpreted by the artist inevitably reminds of the mystery of Genesis. The voice narrating the story reminds us that light can also be perceived like a person.

Favilla peacock

The story of light revolves around four main characteristic of the light itself as a real Greek tragedy: Refracte, refraction: colours of the white world, diamonds; Reflexe, reflection: blues and reds, moon and optic fibers; Diffracte, diffraction: greens and blues, peacock; and Directe, direction; yellows and greens, sun and forest.

+ Milan Design Week