FedEx Express just announced that the company is pushing itself from dabbling in environmentally friendly vehicles to making sure their buildings are kind to the environment as well. From here on out all of their new buildings will be built according to LEED Certification standards and they’ve made good on their promise by announcing two buildings that when completed will bear the USGBC’s LEED Gold seal — their existing World Headquarters in Memphis and a new facility in Las Vegas.

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LEED Gold certification is a significant accomplishment for our Las Vegas facility, which includes a package-sorting warehouse, vehicle maintenance bay and an office building,” said Stephen Mangin, project architect with FedEx Express. “That’s a lot of variables to work through. In addition to the water, energy and waste reduction benefits, the natural lighting throughout is a huge workplace environment bonus.” FedEx diverted 86 percent of their construction waste in Las Vegas from the landfill, they will be cutting their energy consumption in the Las Vegas building by 42 percent, and 75 percent of their regularly occupied spaces are naturally lit — quite an accomplishment for a warehouse and vehicle maintenance building.

The Las Vegas facility was a new construction building but the FedEx Memphis-based World Headquarters was certified LEED Gold under the LEED for Existing Buildings Rating System. “FedEx is taking another step toward our goal to conserve energy, help the environment, and create better places for our customers and team members,” said Don Colvin, vice president of Properties and Facilities at FedEx Express. The company hopes that their new green building initiative will help them on their quest to be better stewards of the earth and hope that they’ll pave the way for other companies like them to do the same.

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