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Daiman Otto of Analog Structures worked with ARKit and GHD to design and fabricate Feel Free shelter for the Shed Light event in Melbourne. The shelter provides a sustainable and affordable structural system for micro-buildings that is quick and easy to assemble, modify and dismantle. Feel Free also features a low-fi interactive façade, fully open interior, and is flexible and lightweight structure for adaptation, customisation and tinkering.

Otto began prototyping the shelter in 2010 with a goal of only using standard building materials and standard CNC technology. The resulting shelter uses just 16 sheets of plywood that are digitally cut to minimise waste, encourage reuse of offcuts and maximise the use of standard materials and tools. Coming in at 5.76 sq m (62 sq ft), the shelter is covered with a modular system of mesh and polypropylene panels that can be opened or closed to adjust the lighting. Feel Free can also be customized with a variety of exterior cladding materials, insulation and interior finishings as needed. In July, Feel Free was assembled in Federation Square for the winter festival, where 650,000 people came and visited and played with the shelter.

Images ©Hanes McNamara, Toby Titz and Daiman Otto