As the world moves toward slow fashion, even your accessories deserve to be chosen thoughtfully, including watches. If you’re looking for something timeless and eco-conscious, a solar-powered watch from Solios may be the perfect match.

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A watch with a green dial.

Founded by university friends Samuel Leroux and Alexandre Desabrais, Solios aims to make a positive impact on the world. A passion for watches and the environment inspired Desabrais and Leroux to research how they could combine elegant design and sustainability. The result? A line of gorgeous, minimalist watches that run on solar power.

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“Opting for a solar-powered watch could prevent the production of one billion toxic batteries,” said Solios on its website.

Instead of creating a watch that relies on a battery that will inevitably need to be replaced or maintained, Solios innovated. Using an “invisible” solar panel placed under the watch’s dial, Solios watches simply need to soak up some sunlight in order to run. Worried about keeping the watch in sunlight 24/7? Don’t sweat it. The solar cell will have six months of reserved power after only two hours of light exposure.

But solar power isn’t the only thing that makes Solios so eco-friendly. As the first B Corp Certified watch company, the Solios team puts in the work to ensure they’re doing right by workers, the community and the environment.

In addition to using sustainable materials such as certified recycled stainless steel and eco-friendly vegan leather, Solios also has a robust Giving Back Program. Part of this program includes an exclusive, limited-edition watch line benefiting the Make A Wish program. For each watch sold, Solios gives $50 to Make A Wish. The company aims to raise a total of $25,000.

A green and gold watch on a bed of moss.

If you think that’s where the Giving Back Program ends, think again. Solios also has a watch line benefiting the rainforest. In partnership with the Rainforest Trust, Solios is giving back 10% of its revenue to the foundation. An estimate on the Solios website says that each watch sold could help restore approximately 10 acres of rainforest.

“It is well known: rainforests are the lungs of the planet,” Solios said “We must not see deforestation as an action without consequences – causing harm to our rainforests means causing harm to every human on Earth. We must work hand in hand, for the well-being of humanity.”

All of these great practices are just the beginning for Solios. In an effort to continuously improve, Solios is pledging to become net-zero from both internal and external emissions by 2025.

An opened green and white box with a black watch inside.


Solios gifted me a watch from the Solar Black line. From the moment it arrived, it was clear that the company put genuine care into its product. The box the watch arrived in was small and precisely packaged to cut down on excess packaging waste. Inside, a minimalist green and white case protected a sleek black watch. The watch itself was wrapped around a piece of cork (an awesome renewable and biodegradable material) to cushion the case and support the band.

Speaking of the band, the black vegan leather material looks and feels great. You can choose from black, silver or rose gold for the watch case, but I loved the classic look of the all-black watch framed with rose gold. Luxury items like watches can often be accompanied by guilt for indulging, but with a Solios watch, you can rest easy knowing that your timepiece isn’t costing the environment. These environmental considerations don’t impact the watch’s quality either. My Solar Black watch fits my wrist perfectly with the comfortable vegan leather strap.

Seeing the solar-powered watch in action is both fascinating and impressive. Upon taking the watch out of the box, it was, understandably, not charged. After all, a solar-powered watch doesn’t thrive inside a dark box. To charge the watch, I simply sat at my desk by a window and let it soak up some sunlight while I worked. In only a minute or two, the watch started ticking. Ever since, the watch has been running smoothly, even after stowing it in a drawer over the weekend. That six-month energy reserve is no joke!

A forearm with a black watch on the wrist.

Between the classic, minimalist design and hassle-free functionality, my Solios watch is absolutely my new favorite accessory. As for the broken, hand-me-down watch I previously wore, I plan to recycle it through the Solios Recycling Program. If you have an old watch laying around, simply visit the Solios website, fill out the recycling program form and follow the instructions to ship Solios your old watch. Not only will your old watch find new life, but you’ll also receive a $50 discount code for a Solios watch. It’s a win for you and the environment.

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Images via Solios and Grae Gleason / Inhabitat

Editor’s Note: This product review is not sponsored by Solios. All opinions on the products and company are the author’s own.